Thursday, June 20, 2024

Compared To 54% Of Males, 75% Of Women Want To Learn On The Job


78% of adults desire to pick up new skills whenever possible.

Twenty-eight per cent of Brits, or 11 million people, feel underqualified for their current position.

If it advanced their careers, 59% of people would be open to learning on their own time.

Reduced learning will result in a 4 million skilled worker shortage by 2024.

The most recent report from Go1, one of the world’s leading corporate education content centres, highlights a widening skills gap in the UK workforce.

Businesses all around the UK are searching for ways to cut costs, which is detrimental to their workforce and prospects. This is because the UK economy is more unpredictable than ever. 

According to survey results, more than 75% of adults are eager to keep learning new skills to advance in their jobs, improve their overall employability, and produce better work for their employers. Despite this, 34% of employees are required to complete this task on their own time, which throws off their work/life balance and further strains their mental health.

According to a parliamentary committee report, businesses prioritise hiring to close the skills gap, which is predicted to grow by 4 million over the next two years, rather than providing the 41 million Britons who are of working age with the necessary training and additional education. 

In fact, despite juggling other responsibilities like time with family and friends, 78 per cent of workers are eager to study whenever and wherever it takes because they are so concerned about the absence of options for upskilling.

Businesses now more than ever have a responsibility to offer learning and development opportunities, with adult learning at a 23-year low, according to the government. In the worst-case scenario, 11 million Brits (28 per cent of the workforce) feel their training is insufficient for their current job, indicating a severe skills gap that businesses are oblivious to.

One of the most crucial elements of any work is on-the-job training, according to Chris Eigeland, CRO and co-founder of Go1. This is true not only for the production but also for the well-being that it offers employees. This report demonstrates that upskilling Brits is urgently needed, but far too many companies ignore this requirement in favour of hiring new employees rather than putting retention first. 

There has never been a better time for employers to concentrate their efforts on empowering, upskilling, and rewarding devoted employees by providing them with the necessary training they desire. This is because such a wealth of educational content is available online and in person.

By eliminating the hassle of signing up and managing numerous subscription packages, Go1 connects more than 3.5 million consumers to courses from 1,600 educational institutions, including Harvard Business Review, Pearson, and Coursera.

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