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Maximising Production Efficiency with eSmart® Automation Systems


In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, staying ahead of the competition is paramount. A key strategy to achieving this is through the integration of advanced automation solutions. eSmart® Automation systems from BEC are at the forefront, offering customised automation upgrades or entirely new implementations tailored to your business needs.

Streamline Your Operations with Advanced Automation

eSmart® Automation systems are designed to cater to various applications, significantly reducing the cost of errors and enhancing operational speed. Whether you’re counting cartons or incorporating complex robotics into your ERP or business system, eSmart® Automation ensures a swift return on investment through marked productivity improvements.

Online Scanning for Enhanced Accuracy

Embrace the efficiency of online scanning with eSmart® Automation to ensure the use of correct packaging in production orders. This technology allows for the verification of all EAN codes for accuracy and legibility, ensuring that each product and carton is correctly matched to its manufacturing order. This not only saves time but also minimises the risk of costly errors.

Vision Technology: Preventing Human Error

Utilising cutting-edge vision technology, eSmart® Automation can automate the inspection process on the production line. This system checks fill levels, label quality, and the presence of essential graphics and texts, as well as ensuring compliance with packaging standards. Even during transitions to new packaging batches, this technology maintains high accuracy, helping to prevent customer fines and emergency product withdrawals due to packaging or labelling errors.

Robotics Integration for Streamlined Production

eSmart® Automation seamlessly integrates robotics with your main business systems, eliminating the need for manual intervention. By configuring robots for specific tasks, the system reduces human error, speeds up production, and cuts down on costs, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

PLC Integration for Real-Time Monitoring

Integrate various PLC-based systems into your production line with eSmart® Automation for enhanced data checking and real-time monitoring. This integration provides comprehensive visibility and status updates of your production line activities, directly capturing data from production assets like weighing scales, cutting and wrapping machines, and robotic palletises. This functionality is pivotal in closing production gaps, improving planning, and optimising fulfilment.

Conveyor System Optimisation

A well-integrated conveyor system not only boosts your efficiency and productivity but also ensures a safer work environment. eSmart® Automation’s control over conveyor systems aligns perfectly with your host business system, directing products swiftly and accurately to their needed destinations. This reduces the necessity for human oversight, further mitigating error and enhancing safety.

Advanced Print & Apply Capabilities

The print and apply systems within eSmart® Automation are designed for high precision. They automatically configure to print and accurately apply labels on products, handling everything from batch and serial numbers to sell/use by dates. This automation not only ensures consistency in labelling but also significantly reduces the need for manual checking and adjustments.

BEC’s eSmart® Automation systems are engineered to empower your production processes, from simple tasks to complex integrations. By reducing human error and speeding up operations, these systems offer a robust solution to modern manufacturing challenges. Invest in eSmart® Automation to not only keep up but stay ahead in the competitive industrial market, ensuring efficiency, safety, and profitability.

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